Wood Oven Barking

Wood Oven Barking

25-27 Station Parade, IG11 8ED


 · Mediterranean · Turkish

woodoven__barking+44 208 591 0777
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Turkish restaurant

Frequently Asked Questions

What cuisines does Wood Oven Barking serve?

Wood Oven serves Mediterranean, Turkish.

Is Wood Oven Barking Halal?

Yes, Wood Oven does serve Halal food. The owner of the restaurant said "All of our meat is Halal. Halal logo can be seen on the window."

Is Wood Oven Barking HMC certified?

No, Wood Oven is not HMC certified. See all HMC certified restaurants.

Is everything Halal at Wood Oven Barking?

We can't confirm that all menu items at Wood Oven Barking are Halal. See restaurants with a full Halal menu.

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Halal Status

All of our meat is Halal. Halal logo can be seen on the window.

Halal status was last updated over a year ago.


Usha Chiniah

a week ago


Ordered a large mixed shish kebab as take away, I must say the portion size is very stingy for £15.50. The salad itself was very basic or shall I say poor, just tomato and lettuce in a small container, that's all. They don't accept credit/debit card and you may have go and look for a nearby cash machine, which is not ideal in the centre of Barking at certain times with so many drunks and crazy people. I have previously taken family, friends and work colleagues to eat in there and must say again portion size has always been very small for the price, as compared to many other Turkish restaurants I have been. This is probably the first stingy Turkish restaurant I have had an experience with. Such a shame as the decor is nice inside.

Halal info

The owner has confirmed Wood Oven does serve Halal food. They said: All of our meat is Halal. Halal logo can be seen on the window.  This status was last updated over a year ago.

Halal Sign Displayed

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    25-27 Station Parade, Barking, IG11 8ED, UK