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Usha Chiniah

a week ago


Ordered a large mixed shish kebab as take away, I must say the portion size is very stingy for £15.50. The salad itself was very basic or shall I say poor, just tomato and lettuce in a small container, that's all. They don't accept credit/debit card and you may have go and look for a nearby cash machine, which is not ideal in the centre of Barking at certain times with so many drunks and crazy people. I have previously taken family, friends and work colleagues to eat in there and must say again portion size has always been very small for the price, as compared to many other Turkish restaurants I have been. This is probably the first stingy Turkish restaurant I have had an experience with. Such a shame as the decor is nice inside.

Elisa Li

a year ago


the service was very efficient and portions were big as well. I wish lamb chops could be a bit juicy in the future marinated well. the desert for that almond ice cream was excellent and I bring the pot as gift as well hah

James Turner

a week ago


I constantly stop by purchasing some food in this spot. I loved the quick service and well cooked dishes. Keep up the good work.

Juliet Amponsa-Gyasi

a month ago


Lovely staff. Good attempt at providing customers a good experience while social distancing in the restaurant. Decent price and good tasting food.

Fuzz Young

3 weeks ago


Nothing special at all. The mix grill is very basic and therefore, overpriced. Will not visit again in a rush. Nice waitress and good polite service but that's about it.