Find Halal food.


Find Halal food places on the move with the Halal Joints mobile app.

Halal? Verified.

Our Intelligent Verification Engine automatically verifies the authenticity of a Halal claim so you can dine with a peace of mind
Select which blogs, websites, certification authorities, farms and suppliers align with your beliefs - and we'll show you matching Halal options

Picky? Relax.

Advanced Filters

AI-powered filters learn your preferences to help you find food that hits the spot

Compromise? Never.

You set your interpretation of Halal, and we'll show you options. We make it easy to find Halal places so you don't have to compromise

Card? Linked.

Coming soon
Link up to three credit or debit cards to your Halal Joints profile to earn rewards and discounts at selected partners.
Reward points can be redeemed at all participating stores and cashback is sent directly to your account at the end of the month

Table? Booked.

Coming soon
Book tables at your favourite restaurant right from the Halal Joints app and have your discounts and rewards automatically applied to your bill

Order? Delivered.

Coming soon
Deliver-who? Hundreds of Halal restaurants delivered to your door, all through one app

Awards & Recognition

First-place winner of UCL Innovation & Enterprise 2019

Featured on Muzmatch

NatWest Pre-Accelerator




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