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Halal peace of mind

Our platform handles the automatic verification of the authenticity of the Halal claim
The Intelligent Verification Platform (IVP) curates verification reports from multiple sources before analysing the authenticity
Halal claims are displayed with 100% transparency so you can make an informed decision based on what matters to you the most
Whether you only eat HMC, or don't consider establishments that sell non-Halal, you can set your own definition of Halal to filter results

Intelligent Verification Platform

Each and every restaurant has been individually verified by our Intelligent Verification Platform
Changes in the Halal status of any listing is automatically syncronized to your device in real-time
The Intelligent Verification Platform (IVP) curates verification reports from multiple sources before analysing the authenticity
The IVP can be influenced by crowd-sourced information making it more reliable, up-to-date and accurate

Interactive Maps

Google Maps integration brings real-time, live data to your fingertips
Pan around your vicinity to find Halal food
Check opening hours, contact details and reviews without leaving the Halal Joints app
Filter by country, city, neighbourhood or proximity


Diners can make submissions and provide feedback on inaccurate data with real-time updates
Our LoChas and MaRS algorithms ensure inaccurate reports are automatically moderated in real-time
Data is crowdsourced through information submitted by the app and fine-tuned social media channels
Inaccurate data reports are automatically moderated by the Intelligent Verification Platform (IVP)

Awards & Recognition

First-place winner of UCL Innovation & Enterprise 2019

Featured on Muzmatch

NatWest Pre-Accelerator

Why partner with Halal Joints

Halal Joints provides restaurants with an instant mobile presence and efficient delivery capability, which we believe generates incremental demand and improves margins for our partners. This is done by enabling restaurants to serve more customers without increasing their front-of-house expenses whilst still benefitting from cutting edge innovation that drives businesses forward.

Ultra targetted Halal market

Advertise your business to thousands of foodies through the Halal Joints mobile app

Digital menu

Manage your digital menu in one place and integrate with EPOS, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, JustEat and Square

Delivery Service

Diners can order deliveries through our platform. You just focus on fulfilling the order, Halal Joints handles the rest!

Cross-vendor loyalty system

Diners can earn points for ordering with partner restaurants and redeem rewards anywhere in the world

Table reservations

All restaurant partners can benefit from our digital table booking platform with a flat fee per booking

Diner insight

Our Diner Insight Platform shows real-time data on your customers. See what they eat, where they dine and how much they spend

Community recognition

Halal Joints is the fastest growing Halal community in Europe. Be a part of it

Halal Certification

Partner restaurants can get expert help with obtaining certification from our industry-trained experts

Supply-chain Bargaining

Use our approved Halal suppliers and benefit from lower prices through the Halal Joints Partner Network

Business website

All partners get a free website with digital menu, table reservation, delivery, and SEO integration at no extra cost




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