DF Tacos serves Halal chicken at all locations

The DF Tacos team reached out in April 2023 to confirm they have changed to Halal chicken suppliers. This means that chicken across all DF Tacos locations in London now serve tacos with Halal chicken.

Is chicken halal at DF Tacos?

The DF Tacos team have confirmed that the chicken used in every DF is now halal-certified. The FAQs section on the DF Tacos website has been updated to reflect this news.

Is everything at DF Tacos halal?

DF Tacos highlights that they also sell non-halal items on their menu including pork and non-halal beef. Alcohol is also present on the menu and served at all locations.

What about cross-contamination?

Cross contamination is rightfully a concern for Muslim Halal diners eating at establishments that serve pork and non-Halal meats. The DF Tacos team have confirmed that their Halal chicken is prepared separately and they would rather customers notify them so staff can be extra vigilant. This includes cleaning surfaces and changing gloves when handling chicken.

Is the chicken Halal-certified?

DF Tacos have provided a valid Halal certificate from the Shariah Halal Board in Luton certifying their abbatoir is Halal-certified and monitored. DF Tacos has provided details of their supplier as:

I.H.P. Limited of Bell Farm, Hertfordshire, HP3 0NQ.

You can find a copy of their certificate on the restaurant listing using the links at the end of this post.

Where can I find Halal DF Tacos?

There are 6 DF Tacos locations across London serving Halal chicken. Find the complete list below: