Pizza Express Soho

Permanently closed
It has been reported that Pizza Express Soho has permanently closed at this location.

Pizza Express Soho

29 Wardour Street, W1D 6PS


 · Italian · Pasta · Pizza · Salad

pizzaexpress+44 207 437 7215
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Halal Status

PizzaExpress has used halal-slaughtered chicken for several years, but we have never been able to offer a finished dish that was Halal-certified, due to the presence of pork and other non-halal meats in our restaurants and as our kitchens do not operate halal procedures. Whilst our previous suppliers provided halal slaughtered chicken, it was never our policy for that to be our only option. Since the launch of our Autumn Menu on the 21st September our chicken now comes from accredited suppliers that use both non-halal and halal slaughter methods, because we have recently increased our sourcing options on chicken to ensure continuity of supply during the current challenges within all supply chains. Where halal slaughter is used, the animals are stunned before slaughter. All our meat suppliers are approved by the Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards, a globally renowned safety standard and, all comply with EU or local animal welfare regulations. If asked our teams in restaurants are trained to provide customers with accurate menu and ingredient information. In addition, this information is available on the customer support section of our website. Please be aware that none of our other meats are halal and we do not have any halal kitchens or restaurants.

Halal status was last updated 5 months ago.


Matthew Morgan

a year ago


Amazing service, amazing pizza. The dough balls starter was a bit smaller than expected, so it’s a good thing we ordered two to start. Would recommend this chain to anyone looking for a quick and delicious meal.

Halal info

It has been reported Pizza Express has permanently closed at this location.

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29 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1D 6PS, UK