Butchies Camden

Permanently closed
It has been reported that Butchies Camden has permanently closed at this location.

Butchies Camden

2 Kentish Town Road, NW1 9NX


 · Burgers · Fried Chicken

butchies_london+44 730 948 8845
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Proper buttermilk fried chicken

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Halal Status

All of our chicken is now sourced from a Halal certified supplier and certificates are available at each site. We sell alcohol, but we do not use it anywhere in the cooking process. We also sell bacon in some of our sandwiches. The bacon is cooked separately from other food items.

Halal status was last updated a year ago.



4 weeks ago


the worst chicken burger ever..... hardly any sauce in the burger. chicken is dry and the quality of buns is really poor. the burger i got is definitely not the same from the picture they show. i paid extra to get blue cheese ranch. it tasted really awful....i barely touched it after two dips. i was afraid i might not be able to leave the toilet tonight...... the cheese from cheesy fries taste like peanut butter....can't tell there was cheese in it.... before today, all the burgers i had are better than Mcdonald's . But, today someone breaks the record. i gave this restaurant a try cuz the reviews seem quite good, now i guess those reviews are left by their own people......

Halal info

It has been reported Butchies has permanently closed at this location.

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2 Kentish Town Road, London, NW1 9NX, UK