Manjaros Ilford

Manjaros Ilford

213-215 Ilford Lane, IG1 2RZ


 · Chicken 208 514 4455
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African, Caribbean and Asian fusion

Frequently Asked Questions

What cuisines does Manjaros Ilford serve?

Manjaros serves Chicken.

Is Manjaros Ilford Halal?

Yes, Manjaros does serve Halal food. The owner of the restaurant said "Everything on our menu is Halal."

Is Manjaros Ilford HMC certified?

No, Manjaros is not HMC certified. See all HMC certified restaurants.

Is everything Halal at Manjaros Ilford?

The owner of Manjaros has verbally confirmed that all meat is Halal. Please confirm with a member of staff before ordering.

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Halal Status

Everything on our menu is Halal.

Halal status was last updated 2 months ago.


Shahin Choudhury

a year ago


Unfortunately had to change from 5 star to one star based on my experience yesterday of a delivery. I loved the food here, customer service and the way the owners have developed this place into one of the most popular restaurants in Ilford. However yesterday I received my mixed grill platter. It was horrible. The dish tasted like it came from an Indian restaurant. It was not grilled, it tasted like a curry, soaking in oil. Hard to describe but it was awful. To top it off I swapped the chips for spicy rice which I oddly I had to pay an extra pound for even though they call it a swap. The rice portion was the size of half a cup. Now explain how does a mixed platter for two eat with half a cup of rice. I'm hoping the management read this and address this unfortunate issue internally. Like I said I like this place but it's left me in a spot where I won't be eating there again.

Halal info

The owner has confirmed Manjaros does serve Halal food. They said: Everything on our menu is Halal.  This status was last updated 2 months ago.

All Meat HalalHalal Verbally Confirmed

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    213-215 Ilford Lane, Ilford, IG1 2RZ, UK