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10 months ago


At .half price in September this was a great deal for some huge pizzas. The poor rating aims to a) reflect full price value and b) provide a counterpoint to what I believe is an unjustified rating of 4.3 One could tell that our pizzas were based on archetypes that were once amazing, and I’m sure to someone who hasn’t tried proper contemporary pizzas they would be quite exciting. However, the execution just wasn’t up to standard. The toppings certainly took some interesting risks - at least they would have been interesting some years ago before Homeslice had become a profitable and professionally managed chain. Instead we were met with pizzas that looked great from across the restaurant but were disappointing when close. They were clearly designed by someone who had a great vision but with major constraints to ingredients, staff time and quality control. I find it frustrating that places like this are given amazing star ratings because they are a lot better than something like a pizza express, yet are ultimately lacklustre if you’re looking for something truly original. Homeslice feels a bit like Toy Story - sure it’s fun and at one point had an interesting perspective to bring to the table; but the fact that people still go crazy over what has now become a cash cow undermines the ability of new independent restaurants to support originality. I wish for a restaurant rating system that could really separate the wheat from the chaff. And I’m afraid in this case, Homeslice City is undeniable chaff. It if probably my fault for not realising that a restaurant called “[chain_name] City” was always going to be chaff. Needless to say, I shall be going back before the end of their half price deal. But never again after that (copy p)

Erika Medeckyte

2 months ago


Lovely pizza place to go with the family or just grab a fast bite. Don't be mistaken by fast service, the quality of food is very good. I love that they sell slices of 🍕 . Lovely staff as well. Definitely will be going back!

leah cassidy

a month ago


Great idea for a restaurant, small menu but really tasty food. Came out extremely fast and was a reasonable size for the price. Would definitely return to this place.

Stefanie Jones

a month ago


Homeslice always has great pizza. I eat meat but the Mushroom is by far the best - also the terrace here is really pleasant on a sunny day!

Sabina Carchesio

a month ago


Great atmosphere. Pizza toppings unusual. The spicy salami was disappointing. Great place for groups