Halal Reviews for Masala Chai Nashta Forest Gate

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Sheikh Islam

4 months ago


Very tasty and good service. We went for a breakfast. Price is high (10.50) ,however the amount give is difficult to finish one person. Additional chaptee cost 1.20. Two hours free parking nearby. Nearly underground station:Upton Park District Line

Ahsan Hussain

3 months ago


Decent food, no five star as cash only! It's the year 2022!! Who has cash these days. Also guy never told me that there's no cash point outside on the same st, but insisted I go get cash. Walked in the rain for like 5 mins, with no luck.

Naeem Mohamed

a year ago


First time here and excellent value for money and breakfast was good worth visiting again. Great customer service and helpful staff. Highly Recommended. Thanks for making us feel welcome. Managed to accommodate 20 people by just walking in without booking.

Mohaimeen Pasha

a month ago


Quality of the food is good like traditional Asian taste but the only thing they could Improve with their dishes by using less oil, apart from that I didn't find anything to complain. Price is affordable compared to food quality and they've various options of dishes for different taste bud people. Stuff are friendly but still they can improve by serving the food a bit faster, and the atmosphere is less noisy which will attract any food lover or group to spend their time with joy. Overall the restaurant is attractive in surrounding area. I would love to come back again and will want to see them going high with time. Good luck

nidi sid

a year ago


I think the concept is good they offer a decent menu, however the flavour of the food is not very exciting. Its quite simple and plain. My favourite thing was the paratha and also the chai was nice. I bought a few items but nothing really wowed me. customer service is very good there nice and polite.I just wish the flavours were more enhanced. I bought panipuri, bhel Puri, this tomoato potatoe dish, omelette and keema.