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a month ago


Some of the nicest Turkish food I've had. It wasn't too heavy very light and super flavourful. The pita was hot and crispy, the hummus and yoghurt dip were very refreshing. The mix platter was huge and everything was piping hot and flavourful. The Turkish tea was complimentary and delicious and the chocolate cake was rich and a huge serving it was really difficult to finish for us 2 people after food. The staff were lovely and accommodating they showed us to multiple tables indoor and outdoor to our preference.

Suparna Barman

in the last week


"Wazir Restaurant offered an exceptional experience! We hosted a gathering of 130 people, including service users and staff, and the service was impeccable. The food was beyond excellent, leaving everyone delighted with the flavors and variety. Their convenient location with ample parking space made it incredibly accessible for our group. The staff deserves special appreciation for their friendliness and exceptional help throughout our visit. Their warmth and assistance added to the wonderful atmosphere. Overall, it was an outstanding experience, and I highly recommend Wazir Restaurant for its fantastic food, great location, and amazing service”

Jake Nong

3 months ago


It was my first time at this restaurant, the ambience is good and the food choices quite decent. The service is OK, portions are fairly good too. We enjoyed the time while tasting our food. We will be back again.

Khalid Malik

2 months ago


This place used to be good, really good. However it appears it has gone down drastically. I suspect it has changed hands and the food preparation is done completely differently than how it was done before. I ordered a Koubideh Kebab (2 skewers of minced lamb). This is usually served with some butter, grilled tomatoes etc as you can see from the photo there is no grilled tomato it is missing and no butter to moisten my rice with. After the Koubideh skewers were heated i could smell something was different, something was wrong. It smelled almost sour which indicated the meat had gone off. I wasnt sure. Having tasted it, i was even more convinced something was wrong. The Lahmachun was ok and the wings were fine. Plenty of salad to fill our bellies but i still couldn't get over the dissapointment with my main meal. Asked for tap water, was told they can only provide bottled water. Even then the bottled water was not of any quality, its the cheapest kind usually given out for free or you can get these for as little as 30p. Kubideh Kebab Grilled wings Lahmachun Water bottle All came to over £40. Im not impressed, very dissapointed with the quality of food.

Yusra Aijaz

3 months ago


We used to visit Wazir Turkish Restaurant frequently and while it used to be really nice, I feel like the quality of their food has declined recently. The some of the dishes are undoubtedly good, with satisfying portion sizes. The Adana kebab and mix grill platter stood out as flavorful choices. Their starter salad was fresh and sauces were also delicious. My sons particularly enjoyed the shawarma wrap, although it didn't quite capture an authentic Arabic shawarma taste. While the rice flavor wasn't to my liking, the overall experience was decent, even if not mind-blowing.