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Alexander Venetidis

5 months ago


Incredible flavors, simple decor, cozy interior My only regret about this place is I wish they were bigger and had more space inside! The flavor & spice combinations are incredible and feel homey (having Egyptian & Lebanese family, this feels just like something they would've made for me) It's a cute, cozy place, and you really can't go wrong with any of their options. I'd very gladly come again to try more of their options and can't wait for next time!

Shaieb Tanweer

7 months ago


My first time trying this famous street food. Brilliant. Tastes amazing and the spicy tomato sauce adds a real punch. Very simple dish, will try to recreate at home. Limited seating inside restaurant. Pleasant service

Alexander K

a year ago


I was walking along the street and I turned to look inside it because it had a Chipotle type vibe. Said eat like an Egyptian so I wanted to give it a try. Tried the plant power koshari and the classic koshari, and the woman working was incredibly helpful with the sauces and vege options! I will definitely return the ingredients were so fresh!

Mary Susman

2 months ago


Absolutely delicious koshari— a must try if you haven’t had it before! I’ve had koshari in Cairo and homemade by my friend from Egypt. So glad to find Koshari Street so I can enjoy this in London!

مهاب الجوكر

a year ago


We had two classic koshari then added chicken and beef each , the taste was similar to the original Egyptian dish except hot sauce that was missing ,