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Reshmee Ramdin

2 weeks ago


It's an amazing place to go. Staff are nice and is good too.. I love the American setting but I have to admit is is quite pricey. If they drop the price a little it will be much for affordable to many.


a year ago


Lac luster food, very bland

Shah hussain

2 weeks ago


Definitely a huge improvement my last visit a good few years ago. Went for breakfast but was too late, they stop serving breakfast at 12:15pm, huge shame. Ended up going for burgers and chips. Decent burger. Lotus shake was lovely, mango lemonade was horrible, all I could taste was Rubicon light nothing lemonade about it.

G Harrington

2 months ago


Okay food, but nothing authentically 'American' about chicken dogs, lamb ribs, or chicken bacon. I didn't come for the salad, fortunately (see photo). Really glad I didn't come for a 'hot dog'. The only thing about it that's American is the music/decor, and the rusty old NY cop car out front; it's a fair go at an American-style burger joint, but 'authentic' it is not. The response is lovely (your previous text attempting to validate your definition of 'bacon'), but I don't need educating on what to expect from "authentic" American cuisine. If chicken dogs and chicken bacon are popular in American diners, it's the first I've heard. Frankly, the only issue I had was with the word I've handily enclosed in inverted commas. Yes, you can call anything you like 'bacon', even if it tastes like cardboard, but "authentic" is a word that carries meaning. As a show of good faith, I have decided to give you an extra star- I feel you earned more than three in retrospect, so I'm rounding up. Addendum: Are you trying to be funny? Who the f*** is 'Gina'??? That's -2 stars. Reveal my actual name and win a personal visit at your home address! You might not be pleased with your prize.

Kamran Hussain

3 months ago


Been about 4 years or so since I last ate at Big Moe's and boy, was I missing out! All the food was amazingly tasty and fresh. Big portions (LOVE IT) so you do feel like you're getting a lot for your money here. The best thing being a family man is that the staff were absolutely amazing with the kids and made them feel warm & welcome which is always lovely to see.