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Chris E

7 months ago


Categorically the greatest food I’ve tasted in a long time, London has some delicious treats to be enjoyed and this is a real hidden gem beneath the smoky metropolis. Perfecting food is a fine art and here they have mastered perfection, all the ingredients combine to an incredibly high level, bursting with phenomenal flavours, from the fresh vegetables, to the finest meats and well crafted sauces leaves you only wanting to return and try every other dish. Great staff, super friendly, attentive and considerate of your dining experience, cannot fault it whatsoever. 5 stars, thank you so much.

Nia Lewis

6 months ago


Flavours were good but I paid £14 (!!!) for a large wrap, alongside a £7 one, and both turned up exactly the same size (very small) and so overly greasy. Just so disappointed/angry that you can even get away with charging that much, for so little food. (Pictures taken on small side plates!!)

Nupur Singh

a year ago


Came across this amazing Kabab restaurant while I was on a night walk with my bf and I was the happiest when I found a veggie option for myself in paneer. The kababs here tastes awesome with fresh ingredients. The staff is friendly and nice.

Alexandra Agoshkova

2 months ago


An amazing spot for a late night bite. Incredible flavours, super friendly staff and awesome vibes! Also really amazing fries and sauces alongside the mains. This place really stands out from your standard kebab shops, on quality, flavour and atmosphere. Will definitely return next time I end up partying in Shoreditch! Highly recommend.

Meier Tai

3 months ago


We had a wonderful evening here tonight. The food tasted yummy and the service was excellent. The staff was very nice and friendly to kids too. My kids and I enjoyed both the meal and the service very much. Great music too.