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2 months ago


Great food. Portions aren't massive but it is what it is. I forgot to keep taking pictures at some point because I was too hungry! The food was flavourful and spicy (but not too much! You could still taste everything). Service was attentive. Everything we ordered was great. Will be back to try more dishes

Kitchen Insider

5 months ago


Harder to enter than Westminster whatever at this sombre moment in Brit history, this place lives up to the hype of London being a centre for Indian food...though anyone who tells you that London beats India for Indian food, never left the tour bus when they did their 9 day highlight tour. We ate vegetarian, and still achieved coma carb and fat levels, thanks to glorious use of wheat and ghee. This is sometimes food territory, though it'll take you weeks to get a return booking, so your health is protected by the demand.

Dakshin M Kumudhini

2 months ago


The best chicken lollipop you can get in London are prepared in this place. A bar setup that serves selected range of South Indian treats. Something which I enjoyed the most was the authenticity of the dishes, especially with the spice levels, which in my opinion forms the crux of Asian cuisine. The customer service was on point, felt amused to see the Brits explain the intricacies of the South Indian dishes they served 😁and own the vibe of the place. The only con was the lighting in the place. We saw other customers using their phone flashlights to view the menu with ease. The Tamil Prince can benefit with some brightness in its decor, at the end of the day it’s got a princely range of dishes, which would be lovely to relish when we can view it with ease.

Chris Austin

8 months ago


Really great food and cocktails. Love what they have done to the place, going to be a great addition to the area. The staff were super friendly and knowledgeable, looking forward to a return.

Deb Lee

4 months ago


Excellent food and service. The cocktails were nice, chicken and paneer curries were delicious and the lamb chops were extremely well spiced. Okra fries lived up to the hype, onion bhaji def worth it. Overall affordable and in a great spot