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Sarah L

a month ago


Loved the food and the staff was so nice and friendly. My boyfriend who’s British had never had Mexican food and I, as an American that lives in an area where the most common food is Mexican it was nice to share that experience with him. He loved it. I honestly think that the way the lady prepared the food was way better than what I’ve had back in the states. It’s a small location but take a chance and try their food. I know I’ll go back on my next trip.

Maria Yardeny

a month ago


Really tasty Mexican street food. I’ve been there already twice, I’ve tried the chicken burrito and the lazy beef burrito (in the photo), and they were both amazing! Full of flavour, filling and not too spicy (you can adjust the level yourself by asking mild or spicy). Will definitely be back for some more dishes to try ☺️

Lubna SA

9 months ago


Try it last weekend, we had tacos, quesadillas and nachos, some was with meat and some was vegetarian. Every thing we had tasted really good the food was delicious specially the nachos, staff was nice even it was very busy. The only reason giving it 4 stars is some of the food options was run out and we were queuing for almost 20 minutes but no one from the staff tell the customer that the chicken options was sold out. I will eat there again.

Gemma Mckee

3 weeks ago


Amazingly tasty burrito, absolutely packed and full of flavour!