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Talat Ahmed

a month ago


Had the bubble tea a couple times now from here. I usually go for brown sugar tea with tapioca (obviously). There is always a crowd of people outside this shop (that's why I thought I'd try it out). To be honest it's pretty standard. I wonder if the crowd of people are actually customers or people hanging out! There are some other big chains that are better IMHO. Nonetheless, it's not bad either so if you need a fix and you're in the area it's a fair option. 3 stars only for taste as I have tasted better.

andreea neagu

a week ago


Love it! Good selection and variety. Tapioca pearls are amazing and they have these brown sugar bubble teas that are amazing. New place opened June, clean and very welcoming. You have to try it! And if you didn't know it is in Gants Hill, anyone from Romford area can get there easy and quick as there aren't too many options around to pick. So give it a try, it was really good!

lucy tanaka

2 months ago


contrary to some of the other reviews, i think this bubble tea store is great! i went there yesterday with my boyfriend and all of the staff were very friendly, drinks were good too. matcha was a little sweet, would be nice if you could adjust the sugar levels. other than that i had a pleasant experience and will definitely be going there more often :)

Irfan R.

4 weeks ago


A very average bubble tea place at best. There's better chains around, though this being a dedicated place in the area explains the queues. The price certainly doesn't justify the quality. But if you need a fix, this is at time of writing, the only dedicated place so it will provide an average bubble tea if at a fairly high price. Fair warning: some flavours will taste like juices/syrups you may have had before (e.g. Mango tea tastes like Rubicon; Rose milk tea tastes like Rose syrup drink).

afsheen afzal

2 months ago


Got my bubble tea today. The person working taking the order wasn't really helpful. Charged for a bag without asking if I need a bag, also didn't explain the process for ordering as I have never ordered before! then when I got my drink the person working didn't even give a bag and when asked for a bag I got given a blank look like I was in the wrong. Showed the receipt and still got a blank look. This is very unprofessional and the drink was tasteless. I will not be returning here at all. You should be helpful to your customers and be transparent about charges and not just charge your customer without asking what they want! Everyone beware of what you order and what your receipt shows you have paid for!! Don't waste your money like I did.