Honest Burgers serves Halal chicken in all stores

The Honest Burgers team reached out to Halal Joints for advice on how they could cater their menu for Halal diners. As burger-holics we didn't hesitate to oblige!

Honest Burgers' team spent many hours researching Halal and how they could best accomodate Muslim customers in their stores. They asked very thoughtful questions about sourcing Halal meat, how to store and prepare food, and how to be sensitive around the needs of Muslims. The result is over 40 restaurants across the UK are now serving Halal chicken, with more restaurants coming soon!

Honest Burgers takes Halal seriously

Honest Burgers attention to detail on serving Halal goes above and beyond other restaurant chains. As mentioned previously, the team behind this decision spent a lot of effort to understand requirements for Muslims and wanted to ensure customers could trust the food they would be serving.

For example, see the FAQs section on the Honest Burgers website which describes in great detail the steps taken to ensure the chicken served adheres to Halal practises.

Halal status taken from the Honest Burgers website:

All of the chicken in our restaurants is halal. If you would like to see our supplier’s halal certificate please ask your server when you arrive. Halal products are stored separately with strict processes in place to stop cross-contamination. Halal chicken items are handled with separate utensils and gloves. Fried halal chicken burgers and wings do not share fryers with any non-halal items. Grilled halal chicken breast burgers are cooked on a reserved area of the grill separated by a grill divider. We do not offer halal beef at any of our restaurants.

12 of our restaurants (full list below) offer a halal Buffalo fried chicken burger. We will be rolling this out to more restaurants in the near future so watch this space. You can find our Buffalo fried chicken burger at Bank, Cardiff, Finsbury Park, Liverpool St, Manchester, Portobello, Reading, South Kensington, Spitalfields, St Katherine Docks, Tooting and Watford.

It's great to see businesses recognise the value of Halal customers, and take great care to ensure needs are accomodated for. Honest Burgers stores take great care to ensure raw and cooked Halal chicken is never mixed with non-Halal items. This includes using separate utensils, a split grill and separate storage.

Honest Burgers serves Halal free-range chicken

"Halal" means different things to different people. Whilst some Halal diners say pre-stunning an animal before slaughter makes the food non-Halal, others say pre-stunning is essential to the definition of Halal as it results in less suffering for the animal.

But what is often overlooked during this debate on ethics is the life the animal lives before it is slaughtered. Too often, the focus is on the last few moments of the animal's life - but not the conditions it lived in, the quality of food it was fed and how it was reared. There are many levels of the Halal supply chain that can be improved to make produce more Halal and ethical.

Therefore, it is important to highlight that Honest Burgers strictly sell only free-range and Halal chicken. The ethos of the entire brand is built on principals Muslim businesses could take inspiration from and ensure their food is truly Halal and Tayyib.

Ultimately, Halal is more than just ritual slaughter. It's a stamp for the highest quality, most sustainably produced, ethical, fairly traded and tayyib food available.

List of all Halal Honest Burger restaurants that serve Halal