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Halal Joints provides restaurants with an instant mobile presence, branding and efficient delivery capability to generate incremental demand and improve margins. This is done by enabling restaurants to serve more customers without increasing front-of-house expenses.

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Advertising through Halal Joints

Restaurants enrolled on the Halal Joints platform get:

Ultra targetted

Ultra targetted

Advertise your business to thousands of foodies through the Halal Joints mobile app

Diner insight

Diner insight

Our Diner Insight Platform shows real-time data on your customers. See what they eat, where they dine and how much they spend

Digital menu

Digital menuComing soon

Manage your digital menu in one place and integrate with EPOS, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, JustEat and Square

Delivery service

Delivery serviceComing soon

Diners can order deliveries through our platform. You just focus on fulfilling the order, Halal Joints handles the rest!

Loyalty program

Loyalty program

Diners can earn points for ordering with partner restaurants and redeem rewards anywhere in the world

Table reservations

Table reservationsComing soon

All restaurant partners can benefit from our digital table booking platform with a flat fee per booking



Halal Joints is the fastest growing Halal community in Europe. Be a part of it

Halal certification

Halal certification

Partner restaurants can get expert help with obtaining certification from our industry-trained experts

Supplier discounts

Supplier discounts

Use our approved Halal suppliers and benefit from lower prices through the Halal Joints Partner Network

Business website

Business websiteComing soon

All partners get a free website with digital menu, table reservation, delivery, and SEO integration at no extra cost

We generated 108% MoM growth

during COVID19 lockdown!

Our secret formula empowers your business to grow by leveraging our cutting-edge technology. In February 2020, days before the COVID19 lockdown, a burger store used our platform to grow 108% every month during the lockdown despite government restrictions.

The business owner focused on launching the newly established storefront and training staff, whilst our platform turbo-charged growth of the brand. By August 2020, daily customers increased over 1000% and social media engagement was up 11x compared to February.

Growth through Halal Joints
Website through Halal Joints

Build a buzz with zero effort

The Halal Joints platform supercharges growth for you. Influencer and celebrity visits, promotions, discounts newsletters and customer retention metrics are automatically handled by our AI-powered platform. All you need to do is specify your budget, target and timeline.

Cutting-edge technology

Our state-of-the-art technology is built in-house by industry experts and engineers from London's top academic institutions. Our team is composed of the brightest minds in business development and marketing so you are in good hands.

Advertise through Halal Joints

Invite Only

Due to unprecedented demand, this platform is currently available by invite only. If you would like to express your interest, please leave your details below and someone from the team will be in touch within 48 hours.